World Trade Organization (WTO) Aimed to Remove Anti-dumping Duty on BOPP

BOPP film is widely used in the flexible packaging industry. Its applications include food packaging, beverage labeling, confectioneries, detergents, industrial products, medical, and many more personal care products. It is used individually as well as the supporting layer by laminating with other packaging layers like PET, MPET, LD, Aluminum Foil, etc. The major manufacturers of BOPP film also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film in Pakistan are.

Tri-Pack Films Limited
IPAK – International Packaging Films (Pvt.) Ltd.
Macpac Films Ltd
Astro Films (Pvt.) Ltd

What is the anti-dumping duty?
Anti Dumping duty is a type of shield to protect the local manufacturing and business by imposing the tariff on import of the foreign product. This is done by the local government to protect its local economy. That people can’t buy the products from abroad which are at a fair price. World Trade Organization (WTO) handles the matters of trade of countries and also sets the rules and regulations regarding anti-dumping policies.

Anti-Dumping Duty is imposed in Pakistan on the import of BOPP film from the United Arab Emirates. At the request of the UAE, a panel of Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) is formed by the WTO to investigate the anti-dumping duty by Pakistan. According to WTO, the anti-dumping policy on BOPP is not aligned with the agreement. So it should be removed. In response Pakistan said this it will do every step to resolve this issue and to inline the policy with the agreement.


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