Salaried Persons alert few days left to file Tax Return

The date to file the income tax return and wealth statement submission is 31st August which has come very close now. The people are waiting for extension in the deadline. But It looks like this is the final deadline and no extension will be given. As such no clue has been seen by the Federal Board of Revenue in the extension of this date. FBR website is showing the following message on their main page.

Salaried Persons alert few days left to file Tax Return
Snapshot of FBR website showing the last date of August 31, 2018

You hire a legal adviser or do it yourself, for tax filing, it requires a lot of papers to be collected. Especially the withholding tax certificate from their employer and requesting for bank statements from their respective bank branches. Utility bills, Salary slips, Expenditure details, Assets details etc. also take time to sort and manipulate.

It is necessary to file the income tax return in time to avoid any penalties. It is good to submit return as early as possible without waiting for the deadlines. As the deadline came closer the more people will rush to FBR website which may slow down the process. 

So hurry up visit the FBR website and goto IRIS portal to submit your wealth statement and file the income tax return timely. It is not only our national responsibility but it also gives us a lot of compensation and keeps the country moving forward with transparency and growthful.

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