Check Free What FBR Knows About Your Belongings

Government and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) are very much active to bring the people in the tax net. The Government is making it every effort to influence public behavior to be transparent and to embrace the proposed taxation system. That is the only way to get the country out of these current economic challenges. While delicately or strenuously Government is pursuing the public to adopt the legal system by different support schemes and awareness.

Recently FBR has released the information of each individual of the assets he owns. This show what data FBR has about you and what it knows about your assets and belongings. This data is easily accessible to the individual through the FBR website by entering his CNIC number and FBR password. This information includes the Withholding tax amount paid, Vehicles owns, Properties details, Mobile sims details, Frequent travels information and Bank accounts, etc.

Please follow these simple steps to see which your assets are in FBR records.

Simply open the FBR website When the homepage is open, in the online Services box click on the first link which is FBR معلومات or clicks on the link The following page will be open.

Check Free What FBR Knows About Your Belongings FBR malomat page
FBR Assets Inquiry Page

Type your CNIC number in the first box. For the password, use your mobile phone and go in the write message option and type your CNIC number without dashes and send this message to 9966. Shortly you will receive your password which you need to be entered in the password box and press Login button. Please note that the sim from which you are sending the message must be registered with your name. If you are already registered with FBR following message will be received.

“You are already registered with FBR. Please use your CNIC as login ID and Password used for IRIS login as the password to check your data. Thank You for using this service. FBR-GOP”

After entering the CNIC and password the below page will be open. Now click on the left side green “Load Data” button and all your information will be shown. You can check your banks, properties, utilities, etc information by clicking on the respective tab.

Check Free What FBR Knows About Your Belongings FBR malomat shown
Screenshot of FBR Data record of an individual

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