Only Three Companies Listed Best in Pakistan by Forbes

Only three Pakistani companies secure its positions on the list of Asia’s 200 best under a billion companies. This ranking list is published by Forbes Magzine for the year 2018. Every year Forbes publish the list of Asia’s best 200 companies which fall under a Billion dollar revenue. Furthermore, they shortlist the companies by their sales, income, revenue and having the consistent growth over the year.

Searle Company is the pharmaceutical company which has the market value of 422 million US dollar. While Millat Tractors produce tractors and its part, it has the market worth of 360 million US dollar. Likewise   Ghandhara Industries in the manufacturer of vehicles like, trucks, buses, pickup etc. It is in the third of Pakistan companies list with respect of its market value of 110 million US dollar.

Pakistan list in Asia 200 Best Under A Billion ranking companies
Pakistan list in Asia 200 Best Under A Billion ranking companies

Regrettably, only three companies from Pakistan got listed and sustain their position in this list of 200 companies. Most noteworthy thing is that the number of Pakistani companies is decreasing every year in the list of Forbes ranking. likewise in the year, 2017 five companies were listed on the list. The year 2017 list was more shortened then the year 2016 where the listed companies were 7 from Pakistan. The listed companies in 2017 were Ghandhara Industries, Searle Company, Ferozsons Laboratories, Cherat Packaging and Agriauto Industries. This year Millat Tractors has the honor to make its position in the ranking list of 2108. While Searle Company and Ghandhara Industries sustain their position in this year. In contrast, Ferozsons Laboratories, Cherat Packaging, and Agriauto Industries drop off their position this year.

Besides that China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong collectively is at the top in the number of listed companies. Out of 200 companies listed on the Forbes list, 108 companies belong to three countries like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Which calculate to 54 percent of total 200 companies. Most importantly the amazing thing is that out of these 108 companies 84 companies are the new entries in this ranking list. Which shows the excellent growth of business and smooth economy of the People’s Republic of China.

Source: Forbes

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